Monday, July 30, 2007

New images

Progress has been slow, due in part to upgrading to a new computer and operating system, which is great, but is taking a while to shake out the bugs and get things calibrated for my workflow, etc.. It's been a big step backward in some ways. I also upgraded to Photoshop CS3 while I was at it, as if I needed yet another learning curve to climb this summer.

I have though, found some time for the more creative side of my work, so here are a couple of "work prints" that are making their way toward becoming gravures. There are many farm markets near me, and it's very easy to find produce that's still moist from being pulled from the earth just hours before.



Anonymous said...

This site is an inspiration to anyone interested in this beautiful process. Thanks for sharing it and the sources you use.
Keep us posted with new images.
All the best, Beth

Anonymous said...


Stephen Magsig said...

Beautiful rich works, thanks for the details of process.Thanks for sharing

christian said...

Your work is absolutely stunning & gorgeous. Thanks for letting us in on your process!

Anonymous said...

these are particularly beautiful

Zhané Warren - from Warren Editions