Sunday, March 4, 2007

latest test print

This is a gravure made while testing a new method for exposing the plate without the inkjet positive being pressed too tightly against the plate, causing "measles", or uneven areas of tone. This print was exposed using a foamcore "window" technique in the vacuum press, which didn't allow the plate and positive to be pressed against the glass. This is only the second proof pulled from the plate, so it's still not a finished print. Also... when printing the positive used to expose the plate, the printer output had some microbanding problems, which show up in the print, though not noticable in this web image. The image/plate is 5x5".

The uneven areas in the print are in the original, by the way... they are supposed to be there :o) The print IS a little contrasty though, and I expect to deal with my exposures and curves in more detail next. Need to find those middle tones...

There are two closeups of the print below... the tiny horizontal lines are there, but you have to look hard to see them.

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Silvina GLATTAUER said...

Hi Susan,

Can you explain your technique for avoiding the midtone measels on your gravure? What is the foam core in the exposure method?
I have a vacuum frame with a mercury vapour lamp but have still always found problems with these unexplained blotches. I know they have something to do with the glass contact but can't work out how to avoid them.

By the way - I have loved following your progress on the blog!