Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Here's the actual stepscale transparency, printed in the 1280 on OHP. I scanned it, then adjusted it in PS so that it's a near-perfect representation of the positive used for the test prints already posted. By the way, my Epson print driver doesn't tell me what dpi it's printing at... just offers me options like "photo", "best photo", and "RPM photo". Seems that RPM photo is the highest quality... smoothest tone, and so I used it. It must be the 2880 setting. EDIT: Wrote Epson and found out that "photo" = 1440 and "best photo" = 2880. "RPM" = 5760.

(ignore the little black lines at the top... just a sign of me using every last square inch of the OHP I have for these test exposures ;o) )

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